Learning Support

At Forrest Hill School, we believe every child has the right to thrive.

We believe all students deserve to learn and reach their full potential. That's why we offer dedicated learning support programs designed to meet the individual needs of our tamariki (children).

Our supportive environment includes:

  • Qualified Learning Support Teachers: Our experienced learning support teachers work alongside classroom teachers to provide targeted instruction and strategies.
  • Individualised Learning Plans: We work closely with whānau (family) to develop personalised plans that cater to your child's strengths and learning styles.
  • Inclusive Classrooms: We promote a collaborative learning environment where all students feel supported and empowered.

We offer support in a variety of areas, including:

  • Literacy and numeracy
  • English language learning
  • Learning differences (e.g., dyslexia, dyscalculia)
  • Social and emotional learning

We are committed to open communication and collaboration. Our learning support team works closely with parents, whānau, and classroom teachers to ensure your child receives the best possible support.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to discuss your child's individual needs.