International Refund Policy

Refund Policy

From time to time an international student at Forrest Hill School may need to request a refund of their fees. These requests will be considered on an individual case basis.


  • All refunds must be applied for in writing.
  • If the withdrawal is prior to the student attending the school the fees paid will be refunded in full minus the $1,000.00 administration costs.
  • If the student wishes to withdraw after commencing at the school no refund will be made, except where the student returns home due to serious illness of the student or because of a death or serious illness of a close family member or other exceptional circumstances. In that event the refund will be calculated based on the information set out in the following paragraph

Withdrawal from Forrest Hill School due to Exceptional Circumstances:

Where a student withdraws from the school and is eligible to receive a refund, payment will be retained by the school for the current term and the following term . If the request for withdrawal takes place in the final term no refund will be awarded. The actual total value of the refund to the person who paid the fees will be an amount the Board thinks appropriate. Any such amount will be calculated taking into account the following points:

  • The number of terms of study undertaken
  • The Board’s best estimate of the cost to the school of providing tuition.
  • An amount that, in the Board’s opinion, reflects the use made by the student in the programme of the school’s capital facilities
  • The appropriate proportion of the amounts paid by the Board in respect of the foreign students.
  • All other fees prescribed by the Board

No refunds will be made:

  • Where students are asked to leave the school by the Board due to violation of school rules or breaking conditions of the contracts signed for international fee paying students.
  • Where students wish to transfer to another school for whatever reason
  • Where students return home for any reason other than the student’s serious illness or serious illness of a close member of the family.

If permanent residence is obtained after having enrolled at the school:

  • Refunds will be calculated for full terms only. Any term partially completed will be paid for in full. Other costs as outlined in paragraph 4 above (Withdrawal from Forrest Hill School due to Exceptional Circumstances) may need to be taken into consideration in calculating the amount of the refund.

Reference: All contracts will be subject to New Zealand Law. New Zealand Law will apply and the parties will submit to the jurisdiction of the courts.